It’s time to change the African narrative – Ashish J Thakkar

No Ebola
19 Jan

The Western Media has outdated and incorrect beliefs about Africa. This has to change. Ashish J Thakkar

I recently watched the BBC documentary, “Rwanda: The Untold Story” which first aired on October 1st, 2014. For those of us who have lived through the 1994 genocide, the documentary is quite puzzling. As a lifelong fan of the BBC, I was shocked by what appeared to be a lack of objectivity and even accuracy in this documentary. Ashish J Thakkar

I was twelve years old when the Rwandan genocide began on April 7th, 1994.  Along with hundreds of others, my parents, sisters and I sought refuge at the Hotel Milles Collines in Kigali – reimagined in Hollywood’s fictionalised account, ‘Hotel Rwanda’.  Although two decades have passed, the memories are still vivid. The barbaric events that took place during those 100 days still haunt me: extremists aided by violent gangs of killers slaughtering their neighbours, friends, and family members, and taking almost a million innocent lives. This account of African history, like many others has been reworked and retold in such a way that the line between fact and fiction has become blurred.

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