How entrepreneurship can save the world : Ashish J. Thakkar

Arabian Business
01 Feb

How would you introduce yourself to someone with zero knowledge about yourself of the Mara Group?

To do that, I have to explain a bit about where I’m from. My family has been in Africa for over 126 years. My mother was born in Tanzania, along with her parents and grandparents, and my father is Ugandan. When they got married they lived in Kenya and Rwanda, before moving to Uganda. In 1972, Idi Amin happened and my parents were kicked out of the country and lost everything. They moved to England with virtually nothing – my dad worked in a Ford factory and my mum worked for Walkers Crisps – but they slowly built up some capital and eventually set up a small business. How entrepreneurship can save the world

Growing up in the UK, all me and my sisters would hear about was what it was like back home in Africa. Even though none of us kids were born there, we were raised with a real sense of being African. It was always our home despite where we lived. In 1993, my parents took a bold decision to move back to Africa. They sold their small company and our house, and we moved to Rwanda as a family.

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