Arabian Business Revealed: 100 smartest people in the UAE

Arabian Business Revealed: 100 Smartest People UAE
26 Sep

These days, there is much talk about smart cities and smart economies, so we decided it was time to discover the people contributing to those notions.100 smartest people UAE

It takes all sections of society to create a successful country and the men and women highlighted in this alphabetical guide excel in so many facets of life – business, media, fashion, sport, medicine, science, activism, and so on.

Some have set new standards, others have been the first to achieve their remarkable goals. They have all put in a significant amount of hard work.

A large number of nationalities are represented – 100 smartest people UAE – illustrative of the diverse nature of the UAE, as well as the opportunities that lie in this country, where millions have flocked to pursue their goals.

We have again excluded members of the government and ruling families.

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